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14 July 2012 @ 03:49 pm
shamanippon -con report-  

Band Member:

Drum : Duttch (last day that day)
Bass : KenKen
Percussion : スティーヴ・エトウ
Keyboard : 十川ともじ
Guitar : 竹内朋康
Guitar: 佐藤タイジ (last day that day)
Trombone : SASUKE
Trumpet : Luis Valle
Saxophone : かわ島崇文
Chorus : 平岡恵子
Chorus : TIGER

Band Member- and Setlist shamelessly stolen from here because I suck at remembering names and order. Please forgive me if I got something wrong, my memory is the worst, especially at the MCs, also some parts were kind of hard to get, as he was talking kind of philosophical sometimes <3 I'll recheck with japanese reports later for the MC and might add something. MC parts are a little messy like this x3 I've added some japanese wherever I could remember what exactly they were saying.

So I got tickets for this LIVE of my LIFE or however you can call it, I'd say this definition is appropriate.

Firstly I gotta say I went with my dad, because he can be cool like this, though he's almost 60 and yes if it's music age and language barrier won't matter. My dad said himself he could feel Tsuyoshi's lyrics must be great after listening to some songs I mailed him before the concert. I told him I could go by myself, but he felt it and said he wanted to come along, so I entered the lottery for two tickets and won by luck. And because he's nice like that he put away his red shirt for that day. I, btw had a red wristband I bought at some traditional shop somewhere in Japan to fit the "wear-something-red-tweet" he made at the beginning of this tour. (wristband is on the photo at the end of this post :D)

On Wednesday, 2012/07/11, finally, the big day had come and I got all excited for the concert.

First we visited Nara, B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L city, the park is to die for, the temples are gorgeous, everyone should go see Nara. But well, that's not what this entry is about, so let's skip the sightseeing part for a while and board the shamanipponship, that's how the concert venue, which was build (build? it's a huge better version of a tent) especially for the concerts. As far as I know Tsuyoshi designed it himself. It's just that the place is so far from the station, that my dad complained about it all the time. Ah well, the humidity in Japan is hard on him, so yeah… About the hall: Roughly 600 people I heard. There are 5 blocks inside the ship, we had seats at the E-Block on the far right, but the first two seats in the fourth row, facing towards the stage right beside the stairs.

stage view

Before we sat down I went to the goods stands and spend too much money, got me some goods (shamashoi, pamphlets, keyholder and cushion). It took forever to get them, because in front of me were two chinese(?) girls who seemed to buy goods for their whole family (6 bags, lots more, spending about 50.000¥). I couldn't get the umbrella btw, it was already sold out when we got the the hall, but well I spent too much anyways…

So now after taking our seats, there were roughly 15 minutes left before the concert started, "hitosama" the mascot of this years con was announcing time and other information in a questionably somewhat cute computer voice.

2. shamanippon~くにのうた
3. にひ

Start, Tsuyoshi and band member get on stage, almost on time, 18.30h.

Outfit? :D He wore THIS!

And with such a serious face, to the degree that you could think something's wrong with him today. All the more serious, because he started with the instrumental 'TUKUFUNK', followed by 'shamanippon~くにのうた' and 'Nihi (にひ)'. All songs not really famous for the amount of lyrics and singing I guess. The guitar play was an awesome warm up for the crowd though, there could've probably been no better timing for these songs throughout the live.

MC 1

"Good Evening" and some warm words to welcome everyone to the ship. Then he talked about how much it was raining all the time during the concerts. How even after the rain stopped the amounts of water can be dangerous, but it was okay somehow because "We just drank everything ourselves." That's what the drummer said and Tsuyoshi just agreed in laughter.

Then he pointed out a girl in the center blog in front of him and said something like "I saw you today from my car and was thinking 'Will she come to the concert today?'" and he was so cute saying this. The girl got all lights on her and was totally moved. He said I saw you there and there and she was nodding while hiding her face. Then he said something "Be careful to walk around in Nara, it's not as big as it seems and I might be watching you!" XD

"Today I want you to let everything out, if you feel like crying, cry, feel like laughing, laugh… dance… sing… yes even if you feel like sleeping, that's fine, you can sleep!"  then he faced his band "but not you, you can't sleep, I'm begging you, okay?!" Also in the audience there was a child and Tsuyoshi said "If your child wants to sleep, please tell him it's not a problem, it's evening already, he might feel sleepy, so let him sleep all he wants!" It sounded comical, but was considerate, like everything he said. "My boss (should be Johnny-san xD) also sleeps when he comes visiting!" (うちの社長も)

Next up is a new song, that was born in this place with everyone participating while creating a new sound. 'ENI GROOVING (縁グルーヴィング)' He explained a bit about why the ENI is on kanji and why he chose the kanji, but I didn't really get it… (縁 can mean 'fate' 'destiny' 'bond' 'family ties') Eni Grooving as a new song I think it was quite uplifting and fresh, fits the title and the fact that it was born from live improvisation.

4. 縁グルーヴィング (new song, born from a live session)
5. …ラカチノトヒ

MC 2

Here's the very very long talk part, the main MC I'd say. Basically pretty hard to understand and some heavy stuff about problems this society can't overcome easily. It was awesome talk, I like what he said and basically think the same.

They talked about how Duttch (drums) and Daiji (guitar) had their last day of the show that day. (I don't know the reason though, some other job maybe?) Then a very short member introduction.

Then a long talk about how Tsuyoshi came to name it all shamanippon. Something like shama is going back to your roots and nippon of course stands for Japan. To cut it short, values get lost, people won't put things straight, but think in "+1 or -1" (I think maybe he meant thinking about your own advantage or disadvantage instead of compromising and considering to much instead of just dashing out for the future) and society just can't advance like this. Shamanippon as a title came out all naturally. It was not forced, the title just popped up in his mind while thinking about those problem. It's a feeling from deep inside, wanting to go back home, back to roots of it all.

Recently he saw some people who survived the earthquake on TV, but still had family members missing and Tsuyoshi said he felt so sad, like crying. There are many moments like this in our world.

He's going to Nara so much, he said, he's forgotten the way back to Tokyo. Everyone laughed and he added "Well not literally, of course I know the way!" and then said how Tokyo is all glittery (ぎらぎら) and that he's not used to that anymore, because Nara is rather plain, but he likes it like this.

When he's coming back to Nara he suddenly becomes all cute, because he's home. Tokyo is scary sometimes and so he's not really cute in Tokyo, but in Nara he becomes cute naturally. (TBH talking about how cute he is himself, yes he was really cute talking like that xD) He's sometimes thinking to himself "Am I cute? Mhm maybe I'm cute~" (かわいいかな〜〜?) This was so freaking gorgeous, I can't even put it in words and I was just thinking "of course you're cute", but I might've been looked at weirdly if I yelled that out… |D

Then he linked those thoughts and said "You know when we were kids, we used to just run. Mom would yell "You're catching a cold!" and we would still run with all our might. This is the kind of feeling that could move our society to advance forward again. Taking the risk of catching a cold without thinking about it, just dashing forward. "Please everyone, when you're going home lay off everything and try it yourself, try running in your room. When I'm going home I'll do that, too. I'll lay it off and dash off, take the risk of catching a cold. I know we're probably all in an age, where running outside is out of question, but just try to run in your room! Tomorrow people might get tired though, because they worry about you when you caught a cold. Worrying about others can be just as tiresome as being worried about."

Also he mentioned how people play different roles in society, he knows it himself, that he's different at home, in Tokyo, that he has this solo artist part and of course also the idol part in him.

Sometimes he lits candles in his room to get into the mood of writing lyrics and apparently his dog couldn't care less (ぜんぜん見てくれない(笑)) . So now if I recall right he mentioned this before he started playing 'Mirai he no wasuremono' (未来への忘れ物) So it might be in relation. This song seems to have also come to him naturally (自然に), as he said.

Also he said he has to motivate himself to appear on tv. He's saying "Do your best, do your best" (頑張れ、頑張れ!) to himself before every filming.

6. 未来への忘れ物


I don't actually remember much about what he said here… I also think it was very short and I may have it mixed up with the part before a little. What I remember is, that there was a short story about Mind Light Blues, but I'm too awful, so I don't know what it was about…

I'm not sure in which MC part it came up, but I'll mention it here, how Tsuyoshi came to talk about marriage. Apparently only 3 of the 12 (him included) band members are married. Then he said most of the members will marry sometime and how nice it will be to come home with someone to wait for you. (Daiji(?): いいな〜) Next he noticed there seem to be 3 people with the blood type AB in the band: the bassist, the saxophonist and himself and they're all not married. He said the bassist will probably have a shot-gun marriage, that would suit him and how he'd probably marry quite spontaneously as well, if he'd found a nice girl for himself. The saxophonist on the other hand said something like he'd rather do music. He said it with a feeling like he'd already given up on love (lol). Interesting talk though and I probably missed out on something.

7.ひとからなにかへと(reggae ver.)
8. Mind light blues
9. 一鼓動~1beat

All these songs were awesome…But seriously Mind Light Blues totally rocked the hall. Now if there was someone sleeping or feeling tired, you'd be totally awake at listening and feeling this song. Mind-blowing live-song! One of those most stuck inside my ear even after it ended. I'm pretty sure he was dancing his heart out at this part of the show, like really, without guitar, just dancing and singing and damnit he got some Michael Jackson moves on this one - lifting his jacket on one side and something moon-walk-ish. He seemed to have so much fun dancing and it was just awesome to watch it.

Member Introduction

This was one of the freaking best parts of the whole show. All band members are soo damn good in what they're doing. I loved the saxophone solo, it was plain sexy. The trumpet was awesome, the trombone just as much. They were all playing with our feels, showing off their skills and it was fun and awesome and sometimes funny, sometimes just great. Next the background vocal girls, who were awesome. The first just showed off her vocal range, the second one sang a very sensual good-bye song for the two leaving members. (So sensual, the whole band including Tsuyo cracked up laughing. The drummer interrupted her song a little (couldn't hear well, probably telling her to stop that xD) and called the guitarist to say something to it as well, but he wouldn't touch the mic.  Next percussion I guess, lights on his place and who's there? Tsuyoshi sitting on the percussion place, having escaped the center, maybe to not distract from the others performances too much. He waved his hands widely "No not me not me!" Seemingly surprised he still got the spotlight. Then the light turned to the back at the very right corner of the wooden seats the percussion guy appeared and started playing on the seats with drumsticks. He played through the whole hall along one line of seats. Awesome! Consecutive clapping of the audience combined with the sound of the wood hitting wood. That was quite fresh. Next up the piano playing some japanese folk/school/children (?) song, well a song everyone seemed to know (except for me xd and probably some chinese girls in there). Not up to his actual ability I suppose, but it was fun having the audience sing along to it right away. Then drums, great solo, drum guy wearing bright blue sunglasses for that song, taking them off halfway, totally cool! Tsuyoshi seemingly liked it a lot as well. Guitar solos were awesome of course (I love guitar solos). Especially the guy who left that day got the audience heated again with his solo. He also said some words about leaving and about how much he adores Tsuyoshi and the concept of shamanippon (ただしいコンセプトだと思う!) and he literally said something like "I'll leave him to you now, please, I'm begging you all!" (剛のことよろしくお願いします!本当に!これからもずっと剛君をフォローして上げて下さい)  I think the bassist was the last one. He seemed to have been waiting for this all day (during the MC parts he seemed a little bored sometimes, lol).

Hope I didn't miss someone - very last on the introduction part TSUYOSHI!! And he freaking left the stage and went to the very left, the opposite side of the hall. And slowly walked his way through the hall right through the seat lines. It took him over 10 minutes to reach my side of the hall, playing his mind-blowing solo while being back-upped by some band members. Some squealing, lots of people dying inside from the closeness. This was totally special, something you won't experience twice I guess. He was practically greeting everyone in the hall, occasionally nodding, bowing, maybe a wink (wild guess, didn't see it, but the fans reactions were like this) and stopping in front of some girls for a while to play the highlight parts of his guitar solo. Then he finally got to my side and must've noticed me (blonde, foreign, I must've stood out of the crowd, especially standing right beside the stairs.) And I think I must've died at that moment, because he actually came down to my right away, standing not more than 20cm right in front of me, while I was trying to keep up the clapping (if I didn't clap, my hands could've gone either awkward or wild /lol), which was a task, I got so nervous I messed up the rhythm. I couldn't do anything but look him right into the eyes (it was cute, he was one step higher, but we almost had the same size, lol, the steps ain't high though) and he looked back for a whole while. So me trying not to spazz too much just smiled at him until he got shy from the eye contact (must've been 30seconds xD). Then he had to look down and started grinning to himself. The cutest thing I've ever seen, I swear! He kept playing and standing there for more than a minute I'd guess. This really had me shaking (though I must've looked awful after running through the humidity death zone of Nara all day XD but who cares). Then he went on, last seats to say 'hi' to and returning to the stage. My dad btw left some japanese housewives through for them to have a better view on Tsuyoshi when he was playing in front of me. xD

10. New Song(I gotta take shamanippon)
11. きみがいま

New song, I guess they mean the solo Tsuyoshi put on while circling the hall. In my memory he started playing kimi ga ima (きみがいま) quite soon after Tsuyoshi had returned to the stage. It's so deep in my memory, because it's my favorite song of the latest album and he played it right after that 'private meeting' xD No but really, I love that song and the live version was so damn awesome.


The last MC, me still stoned, to be honest I think I forgot a lot of this part, but one thing I couldn't forget ever. After some while I knew where his speech was leading, though I couldn't quite grasp it. "Today with everyone we created a new sound again." and how there are many people who came here and everyone added something precious to our sound. "Earlier when I was going through the hall, I was a little surprised after I passed the last corner… Where are you from?" (どこから来られたんですか?) Yup, he actually started talking to me and asked me where I was from, so I replied "From Germany" (ドイツからです!) and at first he couldn't hear me too well and was mumbling "Switzerland? Switzerland?" (スイス。。スイス?) so the girls in my corner, who understood me very well repeated with me until he got it. "Ahh Germany, I've been to Berlin before -dankeschön- (german for thank you) though that's all I can say in german.." His german was too cute really. Meanwhile my dad was pushing me forward whispering "Go go to him, you'll never get that chance ever again!" which was kinda cute of him, but I think it would've been weird if I walked towards the stage at that point, haha. "How come you're here?" (Sounds awful in english, but he asked quite nicely, though I can't recall the words exactly) "I'm an exchange student" (留学生です。) "Ehh? Exchange? Here to (this venue) ?" (留学?ここに?) And everyone started laughing while I was just waving with my hands saying "No no that's wrong!" (違う!違う!違います!) and he replied "Ah, I'm wrong? I see…" (あぁ!違いますか?そうか。。) Then he said thank you again. Next he talked about how he'd like to play concerts in Europe (jeeeez, just come over allready, we're waiting!!), like in Germany or France, but he's afraid of flying (怖いよ!) He said his flight to Germany wasn't that bad, but apparently he's had a bad experience flying to Los Angeles. So he said "Maybe I should just quit Johnnys and make my own record company and then we'll build a portable venue, like a spaceship! Please build me a space ship (towards one of the band members) to travel comfortably!" Where the hell does he get his ideas from? It was too funny to hear him talk about this and mostly cracking up at his own jokes.

Then he introduced his band member one last time, applause for everyone, the hardest for the leaving member and made some wrap up talk about how nice it was today, how they all created beautiful music together with the audience and so forth. Funny was that he introduced them all normally, then the leaving members calling for extra applause "because they are leaving". And next he had to grin and introduced the saxophonist with a "He's still here." (まだまだいる), sounding like it was a bad thing, lol.

I don't recall wether they played another song after this MC, but then they left the stage soon, with a loud "eeehhh?!" of the audience mixed with applause.

En1. 縁を結いて(Piano ver.) 
En2. SUNK you
En3. Improvisation

Back on stage after long clapping of the audience, just him and the piano guy, so you can guess: Piano version of "ENI WO YUITE" (縁を結いて) and I so love this song, so so so glad he played it! It had a special touch to it, because meanwhile the rain started and you could hear it dropping on the roof of the venue. Most people might've been worried about how to get home without getting wet, but I think the rain gave the song a very atmospheric touch, like a natural instrument added to it. So it was just Tsuyoshi, the piano and the rain, so freaking beautiful!

Next up a few words leading to "SUNK you", how the lyrics are nothing more than "Shamanippon, let's dance, let's sing" (シャマニッポン、歌おう、踊ろう〜) and that it's still a very powerful song, because it represents everything the concept of shamanippon is about, namely gratitude (感謝). And it's true, the song was stunning, because we got to sing along with him, it's just totally made for a live performance.

The last track was introduced, not a track exactly yet, but improvisation, a live jam and it was so awesome. Tsuyoshi just started singing, a balad-ish song and the musicians got the tune right away and started playing along, just the guitars though and a little drumming and finger snapping, but it's fascinating how they created music in a jam just like this and it was quality music. Even the lyrics were great for what I understood of it. The whole thing went on for maybe 10 minutes or longer. Tsuyoshi said about the improvisation part, that those might end up as new album tracks, so who went to the live might recognize one or the other song on the next CD <3

Then more thank you, wrapping and "byebye!" before he said his last words before leaving the stage in both japanese and english "See you in my dream" "Konya watashi no yume de aimashou! (今夜私の夢で会いましょう!)" and with that and a wink he left the stage. It was cute, but it seems I was not the only one thinking "Why do we have to come, can't he come over for a bit as well." Oh and before I forget, I love how he uses 私 (watashi) to address himself instead of the manlier and rougher forms, like 'boku' or 'ore'.

To wrap things up, more than 3 hours of a fabulous show, I've never had before in my whole life (and I go to concerts quite often). I'm so thankful to this guy for being so considerate of the fans and picking such a small venue, though he could easily fill the Tokyo Dome. I can say I love him even more now. I didn't think this was possible, but it's true. He's special in any way and I can't wait to go see him again on his next tour, if I'll get the chance to.

My dad liked the concert btw. Well what he didn't like is that we had to walk so far for the venue after walking through Nara all day (he's not the youngest anymore, lol), but he said it was quality music and though he didn't understand a word he could feel how much the musicians loved to play.

Another funny side fact, when I left the venue the woman walking in front of me were mumbling "That's her, that's her" and started talking to me "Thank you so much for coming, we had so much fun! You were so cute!" and it was kinda awkward, normally people don't call me cute, lol… but it was nice of them. Oh and because I tweeted after the concert I got some replies from japanese girls "We were sitting next to you!!" LOL at me feeling famous, haha.

Oh and back in the hotel I finally started jumping, because before I sat across my dad in the train, didn't want him to see me spazzing too much about it. Silly me becoming a fangirl from time to time <3

I really really really hope this will get a DVD. I know they're recording little parts everyday and Tsuyoshi is watching them with the crew afterwards, partially for the new songs they made during improvisation times I guess (he said something like that during one of the MCs), so why not use it for a documentary and film one of the days completely, pretty please? Also it seems the camera-man who was spooking around the day I went was from a magazine (BARFOOT I believe) and the day might get covered in it~ <3

/Edit: I just read on twitter that on the 7/14 was a filming, seems the DVD I was hoping for will come. <3

Last but not least some photos of the merch, the latest TV guide with a special about KinKi's 15th Anniversary and random other stuff I bought in Nara and the wristband I wore that day is in the middle. My Sento-kun phone strap is not on it, because it was still in my dad's bag… TT But look at the deer plushie <3


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miyukixrinnmiyukixrinn on July 14th, 2012 08:59 am (UTC)
you are so luckyyyy. wanna go to Tsu's live too~~~ his voice live must be realli ♥♥♥

"Be careful to walk around in Nara, it's not as big as it seems and I might be watching you!" www So can i go and walk around Nara and hope that Tsu sees me? XD;;
kittycat666: tsuyo guitarkittycat666 on July 14th, 2012 09:11 am (UTC)
His voice is <3 too much sugar, really

IKR we should all move to Nara and wait til Tsuyo spots us. Damn though that we'll all look like any other tourist to him! XD
(no subject) - miyukixrinn on July 19th, 2012 04:07 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - kittycat666 on July 19th, 2012 05:38 am (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - miyukixrinn on July 29th, 2012 01:41 pm (UTC) (Expand)
esther: { 剛 } { cute }atarashiiyoake on July 14th, 2012 10:14 am (UTC)
OMG WE TOTALLY HAVE THE SAME SHIKA-SAN PLUSHIE, LMAO. I bought the same when I was in Nara, haha. I bought like a million deer-related things, lmao

I'm so happy that you got this chance, like really. It's still one of my dreams and I can't wait to go to Japan one day while he's doing concerts (which never seems to be during my summer holidays. TT). I love him so much for creating these intimate venues (although I suspect it's easier for him too and causes him less anxiety) to play and make contact with his fans, instead of playing HUGE arenas and domes, even though he could definintely fill them up for a couple of concerts.

Tell your dad I think he's amazing and awesome. I'm happy to hear he had a great time.

And I'm so happy he mentioned his dog. I remember a while back people were wondering if Kenchan was even still alive, since he must be so old already. It's good to know he's still chillin' with Tsuyo.

And of COURSE he's cute, that's simply a fact.

It's so great of him to acknowledge his international fans like this. Let's hope he'll be able to get over his fear of flying long enough to tour around Europe. ♥♥ I'll be in front at every single concert, lmao.

(Sorry I am like seriously spazzy right now. XD)
kittycat666: tsuyo guitarkittycat666 on July 14th, 2012 10:49 am (UTC)
OMG REALLY? Me too, I bought like a trillion phone straps /LAWL That plushie was a must! I also bought one for my sister and my little cousine :3

LoL I just remembered, the venue seems to be near his house, I think he said something that he was walking home in the rain, while the others were laughing at him from their cars, but I could've gotten that wrong xDD'' Still it must be convenient for him in that point as well… Isn't a small live harder though (anxiety-technically) because you're closer and you can see everyones reaction right away. Tsuyo didn't seem anxious at all though, I thought he'd be more shy, but he was brimming with self-confidence and happiness, it was a pleasure to watch!

Yeah my dad was cool, he doesn't have any prejudice towards music, he'll try to listen, then judge based on his taste. Bad me torturing him with hard rock in my teens, kudos to him for still listening to me, lol…

Hahaha yes Tsuyo is the only one, who realized late, that he's cute XD He could've read up that fact online long ago already if he wanted to!

I'll come with you, I'd travel anywhere for that guy 8D Also excited, that he's at least considering touring Europe at some point. Let's build him a space ship ;DD
faieefaiee on July 14th, 2012 01:06 pm (UTC)
lucky youuuu.

i went to the concert too but since i'm asian he didn't pay too much attention to me. :P

I WANNA GO AGAIN. but it was awesome when i went too :D
kittycat666: tsuyo guitarkittycat666 on July 14th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
I know I was lucky :O~ Me too, I want to go again and again and again :D
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Gally: kissugally04 on July 14th, 2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
Awesome report!! <3
And I do remember reading tweets about a German girl *laugh*

Aaaah I want DVD!
... and I want him to go to France :p

Thanks a lot for sharing this experience ^_^
kittycat666kittycat666 on July 14th, 2012 02:24 pm (UTC)
Thank you :D I read some of the tweets as well XD they were wondering if I heard of Tsuyo through the CD release in Europe XD Ahhh yes I hope the filming today was really for a DVD and that we'll get it soon :D And freaking yes, he should build his spaceship and fly over to Europe!

An experience I won't forget ever! ^^
美春: 相葉kanaala on July 14th, 2012 03:06 pm (UTC)
Aaaah, na das klingt als hättest du mega viel Spaß gehabt ;-) Das war mir zwar auch schon vorher klar, aber es ist schön es dann auch wirklich zu hören!^^
Ich kann zwar mit den Liedern und dem allem nichts anfangen, aber ich muss sagen so wie das klingt gabs echt viele MC parts... hat der mehr geredet als gesungen? XD

Du hast sowas von ein Glück gehabt, dass er durch alle Reihen so genau geht. Da ist ja klar, dass du auffällst!!!! Aber, dass er dich dann auch noch was fragt... sowas können echt nur wir Ausländer erleben XD Da sind wir den Japanerinnen gegenüber im Vorteil xP
War bestimmt knuffig als er "dankeschön" gesagt hat! Da muss ich direkt an eine Arashi-Folge denken in der Aiba "dankescheeeen" gesagt hat XDDD Du weißt nicht wie oft ich mir diese Szene angesehen habe xDDDDDDD Ich war schon drauf und dran mir einen Audiorip zu erstellen und es zu meinem Weckton zu machen. Den Rip hab ich gemacht.. aber das mit dem Weckton hat nicht geklappt :D

Aber.... dein Vater.... was soll das denn bitte von wegen du sollst auf die Bühne gehen. Wo geht denn sowas?? XDD Ich wette aber meine Mutter hätte auch so einen Klopper gebracht und mich schon auf den Gang geschubst. Sowa sgeht doch ned (>-<) Was denkt dein Vater denn... ich glaube alle hätten dich total entgeistert angestarrt, wnen du wirklich in Richtung Bühne losgetrabt wärst XDDD Ich kann mir das so richtig schön bildlich vorstellen^^.
Und wie du im Nachhinein eine Prominente auf dem Konzert warst... auch grandios xD Ich hoffe für dich, dass sie echt Aufnahmen von dem Tag später auf DVD veröffentlichen ;-) Eine bessere Erinnerung könnte es ja gar nicht geben!!!
kittycat666kittycat666 on July 14th, 2012 03:53 pm (UTC)
jawwww den hatte ich ganz sicher :DD und ja es gab echt viel MC, aber es wirkt nur unausgeglichen, die Songs sind relativ lang, auch viel viel instrumental music, das gleicht sich schon aus bei fast 4 Stunden Konzert :D Und man kann nie genug MC haben *-* Hast ja gelesen, wie er über Gott und die Welt redet XD

Wir haben selten Vorteile, aber ja wir fallen auf <3 Gut dass ich die Haare wieder blond hab XD Fällt noch mehr auf, haha! Ich würd ja gern nochmal gehen um zu schaun ob er mich wiedererkennt XD Vllt dann nächstes Jahr <3 Hätte ihm antworten sollen "I came to get you" 8D Hätt gern darauf die Reaktion gesehen, hahahahaa

Ja das "dankeschön" war echt knuffig. Die Aussprache war aber unerwartet super XD Lol ich kann es mir vorstellen Hätte ich jetzt auch gern als Audio-Rip und Klingelton, hahaha! Ich hatte voll ewig Yamapi mit nem lang gezogenen "MOSHI MOOOOOOOOOSHI" als Ton XD bester klingelton ever!

Ich weiß auch nicht, was mein Dad sich so gedacht hat XD Er versteht ja nix, hat wahrscheinlich gedacht ich wurde aufgefordert auf die Bühne zu kommen. Irgendwie wars ja süß von ihm, haha xD aber hast schon Recht, Eltern wissen nicht, wie sowas abläuft, ne~ 
Ahh ich könnt mir schon vorstellen, dass es ne documentary gibt bei dem ganzen Aufwand mit selber Halle basteln und bei 41 Konzerten und so weiter und so fort, falls es dann wirklich ne DVD geben sollt, aber es scheint ja, als hätten sie heut professionell gefilmt <3 Bin ja schon dankbar, wenn es generell eine DVD geben wird :DDD Mag nochmal hin <3333
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(no subject) - kittycat666 on July 19th, 2012 05:25 am (UTC) (Expand)
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(no subject) - kanaala on July 19th, 2012 12:51 pm (UTC) (Expand)
gensou_alice on July 14th, 2012 04:58 pm (UTC)

First of all, thank you for writing this awesome report!! :D <3

Second of all, OMGGGG~ I'm so happy for you!!! It must have been absolutely amazing to have him actually talking to to you! *spazzes*

kittycat666kittycat666 on July 14th, 2012 11:54 pm (UTC)
Lol no thank you for reading, repo is just me spazzing too much ^^

It was great and sooo unexpected of him to actually talk to me :D I was happy enough with being there, but those little moments just added to that happiness ^//^
jandethjandeth on July 14th, 2012 06:05 pm (UTC)
I was there in June, he didn't do the walking in the audience thing then ^^;
I was sitting in the except opposite side of you, though on the back row. So he never noticed me. Me, blond too, so I guess I'm kind of jealous :p

though the official JE guy did...
kittycat666kittycat666 on July 14th, 2012 11:18 pm (UTC)
I was standing in front if the bassist and he looked at me like I was an alien, Tsuyoshi never looked over to the sides while playing his songs, also his hair was in the way to actually see anything there :O oh wow I thought the walking audience thing was part from the beginning, seems they have added it later………
kochan_addictkochan_addict on July 14th, 2012 07:33 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a really good time :)

Thank you for sharing your experience!
kittycat666kittycat666 on July 16th, 2012 05:50 am (UTC)
Yes I did, thanks for reading :D
єℓℓι: Tsu is a happy guy ^^monstakarotte on July 15th, 2012 10:46 pm (UTC)
This must have been such an amazing experience!

Einerseits freue ich mich wie wahnsinnig für dich, dass du so ein wunderbares Konzert erlebt hast und dann auch noch von ihm angesprochen wirst und andererseits bin ich irrsinnig eifersüchtig - aber das ist nur mein inneres Fangirl ^^
Ich drücke sowas von die Daumen, dass genau das Konzert auf DVD rauskommt, denn damn it, ich will Tsu "dankeschön" sagen hören!!! :3
kittycat666: tsuyo guitarkittycat666 on July 16th, 2012 05:57 am (UTC)
Ahh ja son bisschen tuts mir schon Leid, teile eigentlich gerne auch wenns um Tsuyo geht, aber dann kommt mein inneres Fangirl auch raus und freut sich auch nur wie doof. ^^' Ich hoffe auf ne documentary oder sowas mit Ausschnitten aus MCs und Impro-parts. Ich denk genau das Konzert wird nicht auf DVD kommen, aber vllt in Teilen, wenn es eine documentary geben sollt ^^ Und ich hoff er überlegt sich das nochmal mit seiner Flugangst und kommt nach Europa für ein paar Konzerte, dann trainiert er bestimmt sein deutsch nochmal und du kannst es auch live hören! :DD
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ikiroikiro: Tsuyo_01ikiroikiro on July 17th, 2012 09:54 am (UTC)
It was really exciting reading your report!
You truly lived an unforgettable experience. Thanks for sharing it! :)
kittycat666kittycat666 on July 19th, 2012 05:39 am (UTC)
Glad you had fun reading my report :D
draculahousedraculahouse on July 17th, 2012 04:44 pm (UTC)
OMG. you are SO lucky ^__^
wanna go to his live someday....
kittycat666kittycat666 on July 19th, 2012 05:42 am (UTC)
I know I was just lucky |D
you'll defo be able to go someday and it will be worth the wait :D
mursen.: pic#118151512mursen on July 20th, 2012 01:25 pm (UTC)
precious entry is precious♡
well, i don't know about you but i've already got tinfoil and glue at the ready~

i really did feel like i was in the venue when i was reading through your report.
so detailed and descriptive.
...and for him to hold the concert at a small venue in nara is so intimate and unforgettable.
(i wanted to go to nara before but now i feel like i *must* go there!)

tsuyosama should seriously run for president of the world!
he is so caring, thoughtful and it seems that even through music his wisdom is delivered.
this world would be a better place with someone like him reigning,

couldn't help "d'awwww'-ing when he said that it was okay for kids to sleep because it was already evening.
and for johnnysan to snooze in his shows...pfft! someone should throw a slipper at him to wake his ass up!

my heart was beating so fast when he came to stand where you were seated...
i can actually see him looking down and grinning at this precious contact....
so so precious! xxxx

oh and your dad is amazing!
i don't think there are many dads out there who would do what he did - he must be an absolute gem! xx

i am so unbelievably happy that you got to see and meet tsuyochan.♡
*muchos le hugs* xxx
i know you've admired him for so long as a musician in KinKi and as a solo artist and also as a brilliant actor~
this is an unforgettable and irreplaceable memory.

now back to my spaceship construction....
europe and i are waiting for his presence! :D
LY xxxxxxxxx

Edited at 2012-07-20 01:26 pm (UTC)
kittycat666: tsuyo guitarkittycat666 on July 20th, 2012 05:36 pm (UTC)
Re: precious entry is precious♡
I've got cartons and 3D-glasses (won't they look cool on the spaceship crew?) ready, now let's buy all tinfoil in the world, we totally need to put all our might together to build that spaceship 8DD <3 oh I love you so much!

Nara is worth a visit at any time! it totally goes down into my top 3 JPN recommended cities list, you should've seen beside the big&famous ones (the other two are Matsumoto & Miyajima btw xd) I hope he can hold more concerts in Nara, I think he likes the feeling of being home :D i wish we could go to nara together one day <3 i feel like i wanna share this place with my friends

haha i loved tsuyoshi's society talks, it was really warm and refreshing, though I probably didn't get all of it, but like you said, he's so damn considerate! he must be really interested in politics, when he's thinking so hard about world problems. also how those many songs came out after the earthquake and all, so emotional, so caring, you just have to love him for this :D

|D I won't lie, that eye contact made me fall in love~ ♡ seriously, he was wearing such a cool face when he came over, but totally lost his cool with that grin, made it even more adorable. I never felt more how strong he actually is, his tv presence doesn't always smile of self-confidence, but when he came around the venue you couldn't sense one bit of nervousness, he was playing his solo, like he knew the whole venue loves him (and hell, of course we do!) :D I'm just downright happy I got the chance to see that and the whole live of course. You're right, it's an irreplacable memory and I really hope I can see him again one day :D Rather sooner than later, but if we work hard on our spaceship, he might come over :DD

/my dad's complicated sometimes, but yeah this time he was totally cool, I'm very thankful, it's partly on him, that i got the chance to go and the chance to be here in general, i owe him a lot i guess :D

OH and I love love love you <3
your comments always make my day
calciumcrackerscalciumcrackers on July 24th, 2012 12:12 pm (UTC)
thank you for your repo! it's so wonderful that you got to see him up close and even sort of chatted with him apart from hearing him live!

i was in nara last week touring, but i didn't manage to get tickets since i don't stay in japan T.T i still went to see the ship and bought some concert goods though. reading your repo makes me all the more determined to watch his concert one day *shakes fist*
kittycat666kittycat666 on July 24th, 2012 04:57 pm (UTC)
no need to thank me, it's just me being overly happy and fangirling too much ^^ yeah I'd say I was really lucky that day. Being able to attend the concert was awesome enough, but the other things just added to that. It's sad how hard it is to get tickets, when you're not in Japan for long-term =/ I'll cross my fingers for you to be able to attend one of his shows in the future as well :D